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To find a list of shows and movies that you bought or rented in the i Tunes Store, use this Library tab.And if you have any home movies that you transferred to your i Phone or i Pad, these too appear in the Library tab.Behind the scenes we have been planning to localize the app for over a year. TED for i OS first arrived on the App Store in October of 2010, and was released exclusively for the original i Pad. For the last six years we have been building on on this foundation as devices and capabilities for Apple’s platforms change.In my time at TED (September 2012 to present) I’ve seen: When TED shipped back in 2010 it was written entirely in Objective-C and designed to work on two device sizes: the i Phone 3GS and original i Pad.I don’t talk often about the work I do to keep the lights on at my house, but I have spent a good portion of the last four years working on the TED for i OS app.The 3.0 release is the biggest release we’ve undertaken at TED in terms of scope and amount of changes to bring it to a head.To cast your Stories, you must upload them to Cloud first and play them from Stories Cloud tab.When you download a movie or TV show from the i Tunes store, i Tunes stores it on your device in a way that does not allow other apps to access it; therefore, it will not show up in Real Times and can't be cast using our app. This can occur if another app was recently installed that adversely affects network connectivity.

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Chromecast supports the formats listed here: https://developers.google.com/cast/supported_media_types If your videos are in a different format, or if the video bitrate is higher than 14 mbps, they will need to be uploaded to Real Cloud first so we can convert them to a supported format for casting. For streaming from the Cloud, at least 1 Mbps is needed.Today at WWDC, we’re excited to announce the next step in our collaboration with Apple with the integration of Dropbox into the Files app for i OS 11.i OS users have been requesting better file management on i Phone and i Pad for a long time.This integration will even work with Dropbox-specific features for teams, like commenting and viewer info, letting you collaborate on files from any app that supports file browsing.Dropbox and Apple share a commitment to simplicity, attention to detail, and focus on the user.For streaming from camera roll, at least 4 Mbps is needed.


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