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Because a normal relationship is not possible (the customer ID needs to relate to shop or to individual) the relate_main_file event in the customer datadictionary object is augmented to find either the store or the individuals record when finding a particular customer.This can be done because the customer record contains a column that contains the customer type (store or individual).Hi All i am having difficulty understanding why the following does not work.i have read many articles on variables and do not see why this would makes a difference.

Record Count 0 Then str Sql = "INSERT INTO [dbo_tbl Order Details] ( Order Number, Ace Number, Quantity, Price ) " & _ "SELECT " & lng ID & " As New ID, Ace Number, Quantity, Price " & _ "FROM [dbo_tbl Order Details] WHERE Ordernumber = " & Me. Execute str Sql, db Fail On Error Msg Box "New Order Complete, Edit and Save", vb OKOnly vb Informationc New.

There you must define your variables DATE_FROM and DATE_TO on the tab named variables. BTW: The BETWEEN operator works regardless of the order of the parameter values.

I have compared the transformations examples from chapter 8, both of them with parameters and with variables.

Customer Type = 'S') Begin Clear SQLStore Move SQLCustomer. Customer ID Find Eq SQLStore by 3 End End End_Procedure To display either the name of the store or the name of the individual the c Web Form control for the customer name is not directly connected to a table.column reference but makes use of the On Set Calculated Value event.

Object o Customer Name Form is a c Web Form Set pi Column Span to 10 Set pi Column Index to 3 Set pb Show Label to False Set pb Enabled to False Procedure On Set Calculated Value String By Ref s Value If (SQLCustomer. Last Name to s Value End Else Begin If (SQLCustomer. Name to s Value End Else Begin Move '' to s Value End End End_Procedure End_Object Finally to also get the prompt object working correctly the pe Update Mode property of the prompt object is set to um Prompt Custom and the ps Prompt Update Call Back is set to a custom method named Show And Find Customer.


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