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The variety of kicks, punches, throws and defensive movements really creates a funny experience. Ah, and a character that wears some really fancy pants! Double Wires Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man?

Nice that there are different branches that you can succeed on, it really helps with the replayability. Sometimes even the same scenario is different just based upon what you`ve done earlier in that playthrough Fantastic game ! I`ve play it for months and am still finding diffrent things. This is probably one of the first dating sim game I played and still one of my favorites. Consider the balance of stats above and be sure not to push one of them too far too fast.

I would rather be challenged to respond appropriately or figure out my next move. Solo ending: Don`t take shower at beginning, go home and take shower then remove towel and proceed.

This seems to require endless searching for the mouse target area. Guy ending: Tell his lady about the high roller`s offer, seduce him.

Good graphics but that is about it Walktrough: BEGIN Go to the bedroom Have a shower Shower Get ready to go out Get changed COAT Go out Go out Cut through the park Walk by the lake Talk to the woman Give her some money Give her some money and head into town Visit the strip club Talk with `High-roller` Finish talking Say hello to the stripper Ask for a free private dance Follow her Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Watch Kiss her Finish kissing Finish Leave Go clothes shopping Speak with the arguing couple Tell them they should be nicer to each other Suggest they have sex in the changing rooms Let them go Shop for clothes Buy the bikini Look through the hole Look Finish watching Finish at the store Enter the nightclub Use the bathroom Dance Take something else off Keep stripping Strip? can we get some more time with kelly she is the ultimate game material Very nice a quality game I`ve come to expect from this site.

Continue Get dressed and go back upstairs End 1: Ellie Talk with Ellie Get a drink Get drinks Dance Move in closer Move in closer Proposition her Take Ellie home Go home -*enjoy ;)*- End 2: Guy Speak with guy Tell her about the offer from the strip club Let her go Seduce him Take him away Go home -*enjoy ;)*- End 3: Alone (don`t take shower at beginning) Go home Go home Have a shower Have shower Remove towel -*enjoy ;)*- Although this game is significantly short in duration and does not have, for me, a highly satisfying number of endings, each of the women is drawn with very vivid sensuality, such as Lucy in the shower and the bathroom, and especially the stripper, who I would have liked to have seen in a woman/ woman encounter with Lucy after the sexy striptease. If you made your caracter horny enough, you can always choose witch ending you want. girl boy - talk to man with hat in the sexclub - tell the offer to the gf of the boy - seduce him It`s interesting to actually see them make a game where you play from the female perspective. I would like to see some additions to this particular game.


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