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” After he answers in the affirmative, she mutters, “I’ve got psychos in my family.” There are levels to that statement; “family” is one of the key words of this weekend, chanted almost as often as the trademark “Whoop whoop!

” greeting (one of the first vehicles we walk past is a pickup truck with the license plate number WHOOPX2) and “psychos” could mean brothers in arms.

But–if at any time you need help, a real-live expert is just a click away (in that little green box on the left of the screen). Anytime you order from Cafe Press, your secret numbers are safe with us.That dynamic duo of Zef, straight outta South Africa, the two people who we fink are freeky but we like them a lot…DIE ANTWOORD!We’ve been trying for FOUR YEARS STRAIGHT to book Die Antwoord but it has never worked out due to scheduling issues.Display shelves and tables will be provided, but feel free to bring your own easels.This team game is about corporation, endurance, skill, getting sand in your ass crack, and the ability to control the ball.With these matches taking place right on Balla Beach, the cool crystal waters of Loon Lake will be on hand to keep you cool during your match.


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