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Shoot Location: Atlanta, GA Shoot Date(s): See below Pay Rate: /8 **CAUCASIAN MALE PRIEST** Yes, Father – we are seeking a Caucasian male to portray a priest. Subject: DIG DUGS Works on Friday, July 29th Rate: /8 **MOURNERS** Seeking males and females ages 18 of any ethnicity to portray mourners (and also as college students and professors in another scene this day).

Must have your own dark suit, dress or outfit for this scene. Please make sure to also include the PARENT NAME and NUMBER in the submission. Pleae either dress in business attire or doctor attire when applying.

While on the train, the two complete strangers started a casual conversation that turned into something more.

One thing led to another, plans changed and merged.

Prior to the television series Shaftesbury Films and CHUM Television produced three made for TV movies which were shown on the Canadian cable channel Bravo! The original three movies, filmed in Winnipeg and Toronto, were collectively titled The Murdoch Mysteries.

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The movie, that also stars Donald Sutherland, is seeking men and women to be background actors in the film. “The Leisure Seeker” will be shooting in July and August.Given some of the men Jessica is shown to be test-dating at the start of the film, it's no surprise she'd want to fan out her prospects a little.As nervous as Jessica is about dating Helen, she realizes after a surprise kiss that a different experience can be good.The 1.5 hour train ride turned into a full day of city adventure date!Maybe it was the red yarn of faith that brought the two together, but everything felt so right and perfect (other than the fact that Ed narrowly dodged a couple pigeon bombs!Helen and Ed's story began on July 12th, 2014 at the Lindenhurst Long Island railroad.


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