Dating child prodigy

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Prodigies whose parents push them hard, and who expect them to grow up to be stars, may come to the conclusion that being a prodigy was a curse. Parents who relax, and make it clear that being a prodigy does not define their child’s future, are more likely to have a child who grows up to think being a prodigy was on the whole a good thing.Soon afterwards, Akiane plunged into the world of colors, and a few more years later into the world of poetry leaving her family and audiences puzzled.Gradually the days became filled with thinking, painting and writing, and at the tender age of eight the self-taught prodigy completed her first five-foot long oil paintings mastering realism equal to that of a seasoned artist.Akiane Kramarik is a child prodigy turned worldwide inspiration and she is here to share her gift of goodness and message to the world. Akiane’s life began in an unusual way, with an underwater home birth in a shack on the edge of a cornfield.Find out what she believes is the most important lesson for humanity and discover how this amazing twenty year old woman is changing lives one painting and poem at a time. Although during her first years the family experienced severe hardships, Akiane grew up in a nurturing home-schooling environment.When Akiane was four years old, even though the family was indifferent to spirituality or religion, suddenly she started experiencing vivid impressions about invisible realms and a great desire to express them through art utilizing whatever medium was found on hand: candles, lipstick, fruits, vegetables, charcoal or pencils.


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