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Let’s look at some international polls on males from Holland, compared to their foreign counterparts.Discovery channel found out Dutch men really enjoy shopping for groceries. You assumed that flirting with your husband would always be easy, right?I want to help you recapture that spark in your marriage by encouraging you with some great tips on how to flirt with your man.Should Ex-Straighty just be happy that she has realized her true sexual orientation, be happy for her first lesbian love affair and happier still for all the future lady loves that I’m sure await her, should this first one not work out? I just had family/religious pressures causing me to force myself to play into the straight life. I was in love with a girl at the time but ultimately I knew that no matter what happened with her, I was gay and never going back into that closet.I knew this had important consequences for myself as well as my son but I felt it was better than living a lie for the rest of my life.But Gay Girl freaks out, accuses Ex-Straighty of still being straight and goes as far as to accuse her of being in a “phase.” So in a lame attempt to save herself some heartache, Miss Lezzy up and leaves Ex-Straighty high and dry!

No copyright infringement is intended here and no money is being made. Fox Mulder looked at the tiny redheaded woman lying in the hospital bed. He sat back and watched as she closed her eyes and her breathing became deep and regular. Her ability to do that nearly anywhere never ceased to amaze him, but she had told him it was a survival mechanism for any med student and intern. They began to kiss and then neck like teenagers and suddenly they were making love. She began to feel tired all the time and couldn't keep food down. They had gone to Zuckerman's office together, both terrified. reverberated around the apartment very nicely, and I've never been a screamer. I raised my fist and banged back and told him to get the hell used to it. He knew that I would not have liked the condom business but that was before my time...before last night..what could I do? He had looked as though he wanted to kiss me but hadn't. After we had finished it's status had changed to well-used bed. For the most part I lead, or rather used to lead, the existence of a monk, the redhead from Mc Cormick's aside, and I'd wanted her for so long it was doubtful I'd ever get enough. I wasn't sure if it would fit in the apartment, but she told me I was an expert at fitting the very big into the very small. Maybe I'll get her some for her birthday or Christmas or just cause I feel like it. The Lone Gun Nuts took my old leather couch swearing that they could fix it and use it. As it was we found it in the street with the springs broken about two weeks later. I won't go into the details of what we did on the recliner but my partner is a very resourceful individual and extremely flexible. Category: MSR Romance Summary: Mulder dreams after bringing his new son home from the hospital. Sometimes I still can't believe she is my, or even how she became my wife..mommy. Even after she got big, a little creativity kept us making love just as frequently as we could. All the plans changed when she went into labor and had you, my beautiful Daniel Fox, two weeks early. Then there is the matter of the fact that when they go, babies don't just get the diaper. Although it doesn't show just yet, there is a neck buried under there somewhere, or so they assure me, a neck that I was afraid I might injure. Something tells me that I'm going to be grateful that this apartment is next to the laundry room. For some reason in hospitals they always want to slick down the baby's hair. Elvis slicked down his hair too and he died a million or was it billionaire. I couldn't believe it when your mommy told me she liked that kind of thing. Well, we ate a bowl of popcorn, and I slipped my arm around her just to give her a hug, but her hair smelled nice. Anyway, I kissed the top of her head, and all of a sudden things got out of hand. We had such a good time the neighbor banged on the wall. The next day when I finally woke up I discovered that somehow a big tear had developed in Fox Mulder's famous leather couch. She isn't really your aunt but your mommy's good friend and I'm sure she'll be here to see you soon. Your mommy would come home and I wouldn't be alone again anymore. That heartbeat was music to my ears...better than Elvis even. The water was incredible though, a real aqua, and it sparkled in the sun like a jewel. However, Dana was not allowed to drink and I couldn't enjoy it without her, so we just had fruit punch instead and a delicious meal that I hoped she would keep down. We ended up almost immediately with a Lladro baby statue that she fell in love with. I had to admit that it was beautiful, a snowy white gossamer affair with just a bit of pale yellow embroidery around the neckline, not her usual style at all. Whenever I felt jealous about the attention that the baby got, or when I felt like having sex when my son was getting more breast than I was, I would count my blessings. 'Remember the gift that your partner has just given you and be patient and grateful,' one book counseled. The sort of thing that makes a new mother feel inadequate. Dana was in a tight ball at the far end of her side of the bed. Often we were melded together so tightly it was a surprise to think we were separate people. I put Daniel down in his cradle, hesitated, then went back out to the couch. She said how sorry she was, I said how beautiful she was, and we kept holding and kissed a bit. There was no not-so-little bump in the middle anymore. I just hung onto the headboard slats - Dana's right, you can really reach back and get a good grip - and let her go. When I came back to earth, she was holding me, purring contentedly. So I reached down to return the favor with interest and held her as she quickly began to writhe. Maybe we should hold off for another six weeks if that's what the result is." I sat up slightly and glared down at her. The End Scully's POV vignette is called "Making It Legal". Sometimes I have to wrest a diaper away from the man so that I can get a share of the experience. Reluctantly she had gone, and of course, her new grandson had arrived right on schedule..weeks early..a few minutes into Christmas Day. It's Christmas Eve and I didn't want to spend it in a hospital." "I know, babe, but things don't always work out according to plan. "Yeah, but it was sure fun what we did under it afterwards wasn't it? She got angry in return and told him she didn't need him. I think he said something equally dumb in return, but by that time I wasn't thinking about it anymore. That one came from the Salvation Army anyway." Only Mulder would find a leather couch at the Salvation Army. He looked relieved when I did not pursue the matter of the condom. Grocery shopping was less a chore when there were two. I made her scream so loud she nearly brought the house down." Wish I had the nerve, but I was a brother once and I know if any guy ever made a crack like that to me about Samantha, I'd kill him, so I guess I'd better keep my mouth shut. All of the cushions were torn as a result of the night's activities. My telling her we could turn the cushions over was met with a dirty look and the explanation that when she had cleaned she had discovered a tear on the other side along with .87 in change, a ton of sunflower seeds and a bright green used condom. I was afraid she might ask how it got there and I had no desire to tell her about the one night stand I had had with a woman I'd met in Mc Cormick's Irish Pub. I told her we would go to the store and buy a new couch. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but that night on the couch was the culmination of years of longing, not so much for her body but her soul. We decided that the bed didn't need replacing and went to the store. Then I went to the purple one, or I started to head in that direction when something caught my eye. It was love at first sight..and a forest green couch. She really hurt me when she told me that it was my apartment and I should get what I want, but I realized it was partially my fault. Well, my dad's blood money is no good in the bank where it has been sitting and growing for a hell of a long time. No grape juice in the living room Daniel...yadda yadda yadda..that's what moms are for. Then there is the business about aiming..know..we won't get into that yet. She changed into something casual, took her late morning throw up break, and we hit the streets of Charlotte Amelie. Contraception was a bit of a dilemma too - after all, we didn't know how many or how few eggs Dana had left... Upset, I curled up alone, trying to get thoughts of my horny wife and my horny self out of my mind. Not just the baby books, but about the changes that having a baby can bring to a couple, and to their sex life. I could hear my wife getting more and more upset as she unsuccessfully tried to hush him. I just want you to hold me, please." She was crying. In my study of him, I start at the bottom - I mean his toes; I'll get to that sexy butt soon enough - and work my way up. He has gorgeous feet - not that I have a fetish or anything in that regard. Sorry to wake me, but not sorry to witness me feeding his son. I've realized that in that terrible time when I thought that I couldn't have children and was devastated, so was Fox - Mulder then. But he hid it and channeled everything into helping me deal with it. First of all, her daughter would have argued that if that was the case, her mother should ignore the sonogram and second of all, Dana would figure it out soon enough. We need to watch you carefully..." "All that work decorating the tree..first one together..." He grinned. I made some stupid comment about never having done it without a condom. Then I made an idiotic comment about that making us virgins. Doing laundry wasn't half bad when you had someone to do it with. "Hey, Billy Boy Scully, you know I'm the only one who ever made your sister come, and boy did I ever. It was my couch..beautiful old leather couch from the Salvation of the century. I know she was glad the thing was ruined, but she was concerned that I would be angry. Once her legs were wrapped around me, I could even forget that she was short. They only have to fall in once in the middle of the night and your life is never the same. I mean I got used to the physical pain, but it hurt my heart. She informed me in no uncertain terms that we were in paradise, and it was in paradise that we were going to stay for at least 48 hours. Big with child or not, I loved her and wanted to make love to her... And - and - we have to consider contraception now too..." When did I become the logical one in this relationship? I pulled the afghan down off the top of the couch to cover my nakedness; we always have a blanket there to curl up in after making love... God knows he's made my world rock in every other way imaginable. It wasn't feeding time, otherwise he would have brought the baby in and woken me up with gentle words and a great big grin. Fox is still rocking him, walking, so absorbed in the baby's features and gorgeous sleep-crumpled face that he's probably forgotten that he can put Daniel down now and come back to bed. Seeing him with a baby clutched so tenderly to his bare chest is a serious turn on for me. He is very good about getting up with the baby at night so that I can sleep and does his share of the diaper duty. I know this man but I've never spoken to him in my life. Bill Scully Senior turns back to his daughter and places a kiss on her forehead. "I'm a doctor, Mom, and one of the first things they teach you in medical school is that first babies are always late." She had started to retort that half of what they taught in medical school was bullshit and that after four kids she knew better, but had decided against it.Moreover, they enjoy doing this together with their partner.Only 5% of Dutch men said they hated the daily walk to the supermarket.Dutch men prefer to buy computers (71%) and electronics (61) on their own or they decide with their partner.


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