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He is the founder of North Country Capital, an investment and advisory firm where he currently serves as President. Doheny served as a Managing Director and helped lead the Distressed Products Group of Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Prior to Deutsche Bank, he was a bankruptcy attorney in the corporate reorganization groups of Orrick and Kelley Drye. Doheny currently serves on the boards of YRC Worldwide Inc, Affinity Gaming, Arcapita Inc (RA Holdings) and Eastman Kodak Inc. After his time at Price Waterhouse, he served as a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting. Weber has served on the Contra Costa Civil Grand Jury, performed occasional independent consulting projects and assumed board/trustee positions. Weber currently serves on Board of Directors of winery Truett Hurst, Inc., and chairs the audit committee.

Previously, he was a Managing Director and Co-Head of Special Situations Trading at HSBC Securities, where he headed up credit research. Doheny was a portfolio manager at Fintech Advisory Inc., a hedge fund focusing on undervalued securities and turnarounds in the U. He received a BA from Allegheny College and a Juris Doctor from Cornell Law School. The Res Cap Liquidating Trust was established in December 2013 under the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Residential Capital, LLC, et al.

in whole or in part, copy, photocopy, reproduce, translate, reverse engineer, derive source code from, modify, disassemble, decompile, or create derivative works based on the Software; provided, however, that you may make one (1) copy of and the Manuals for archival purposes only; B.

sell, grant a security interest in or transfer reproductions of the Software to other parties in any way not expressly authorized herein, or rent, lease or license the Software コピー、コピーは複製、翻訳、リバースエンジニアリング、逆からソースコードを取得、変更、逆アセンブル、 逆コンパイル、または本ソフトウェアに基づいた派生物を作成すること、あなたは1(1を加える可能性がある こと、しかし、提供ソフトウェアクライアントやアーカイブの目的のみのためにマニュアルの)コピー、B.他 人に売却、担保権を付与したり、本明細書に明示的に許可されていないどのような方法で他者に本ソフトウェア の複製物を譲渡し 、ま た は 貸与、 リ ー ス また はライセンスソフトウェア。 court may, upon petition, permit the obligee effecting a seizure (excluding an obligee effecting a seizure who filed a petition for a compulsory auction or an auction after the time limit for a demand for liquidating distribution) to perform such unpaid rent in place of the obligor.

Whether the trust is the product of a bankruptcy plan or a state law plan of dissolution, certain factors must be considered. Section 1123(b)(3)(B) of the Bankruptcy Code allows this prospect to be avoided.

The Liquidating Trust, through its agents, shall wind down the affairs of and dissolve the Debtors and their subsidiaries including the Non-Debtor subsidiaries. The two men caused Aremis Soft to announce publicly that it had acquired other software companies of significant value, when, in reality, the companies were small and had been acquired for much less than the announced price. On July 31, 2001, the day after Aremis Soft was due to release its second quarter 2001 earnings, the Company announced that Kyprianou had resigned and that it was delaying the earnings release. On or about October 4, 2001, the SEC sued Kyprianou and Poyiadijs in a civil injunction action, alleging that they had sold millions of shares of their Aremis Soft stock in violation of U. In December 2001, an indictment was obtained against Poyiadjis in the Southern District of New York, and in June 2002, a superseding indictment was returned against Kyprianou, Poyiadjis, and M. Mathews, the top Aremis Soft executive in India, on counts of securities fraud and money laundering, and conspiracy to commit both crimes. In an action before this Court, the SEC succeeded in freezing 5 million of Poyiadjis's proceeds lodged in bank accounts in the Isle of Man. On March 15, 2002, Aremis Soft filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Kyprianou is in Cyprus, and Poyiadjis is awaiting sentencing in this Court, having pleaded guilty to fraud. Neither of the swindlers, whose acts of fraud and theft are undisputed, is a party to this case. For the following reasons, I dismiss the complaint on the ground of forum non conveniens. Kyprianou and Poyiadjis sold their shares at these inflated prices to investors who were not privy to their knowledge concerning the true value of the Company. By the time the fraud was uncovered in 2001, Aremis Soft shareholders had sustained losses of approximately 0 million. On May 17, the New York Times reported that the time value of an Aremissoft contract with the Bulgarian government was not the .5 million claimed by the Company but rather less than million.


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